A curry kitchen for the lonely queer

Did you have an amazing day in school? Found yourself in a strange and upsetting dialogue with a teacher/student? Did you witness or encounter a work that made you feel uncomfortable? Maybe you simply want to listen, but once you leave school have no one to talk or share with? This curry evening is for you. We serve, share and listen.

The project is an exercise to create a monthly inclusive and queer communal space, by preparing and serving a vegan curry meal for (lonely) queer people. By doing this we would like to offer a listening ear and a warm space for them, offering them a community.

Thus it becomes an initiative to practice care and solidarity by means of food.

Our second edition will be on the 9th of December in the Willem Sandberg Space (3rd floor, BC building) starting from 18:00. Please sign up, if you would like to join.

This project is made possible by the Student Council of Sandberg Institute and the Gerrit Rietveld Academie

What is the project?

Coming from queer places ourselves (Mylou identifying as non binary and Shreya queer person of colour) we think alot about care and especially about how care can be given and accessed, especially within the premises of this academy. 

The first restaurants began to appear in Paris in the 1760’s, and even as late as the 1850’s the majority of all the restaurants in the world were located in Paris. At first they sold only small meat stews, called “restaurants” that were meant to restore health to sick people.

When thinking about how to care for a large group of people and how to facilitate a space for care, we had to think about food. How eating the same warm meal together at a communal table facilitates space for nourishment, new conversations and relationship building but most of all care. 

We propose to prepare this monthly vegan curry meal and share this with a small group of people (around 15). This is a small number but in order to create the atmosphere and (more safe) space we want to provide we would like to start with a small number. Doing Vegan Lesbian Curry for a larger group can be up for discussion after a first edition.

Part of the project is a website where students can sign up for Vegan Lesbian Curry nights, where we can share our recipes and where developed methodologies can be shared.


Vegan food is inclusive food.


 We want to reclaim the word lesbian from its patriarchal and stereotyped connotations.

Example explanation sentence : An old spinster lesbian aunt living in seclusion on her organic waterponic farm just outside of Portland, Oregon with her 300 cats. 


A delicious warm preparation of vegetables and spices, usually served with rice.

Who is the project intended for and how does it affect them?

The project is intended for anyone who identifies as queer and is looking for a sense of community and togetherness within the Rietveld/ Sandberg community.

It could be because they are new in town, because social interaction is not always easy, or simply for those who do not have someone to talk to over a meal at the end of the day. We would like to reach out and bridge that gap by facilitating reciprocative food and care.

How does the project socially engage/benefit the Rietveld/Sandberg community?

The project is a direct response to several needs:

A need to be more inclusive, a need to have space, a need to claim space, to learn how to claim space, to give voice to daily struggles (however small they may be), to create a community based on care and solidarity. 

When you respond to a need you engage with the people who need it and also benefit them by demonstrating that they are heard. When we talk about how to socially engage and benefit students we are thinking of the following instruments:

Washing own/each other’s plates and cutlery.

A small demonstration on how to eat with one’s hands.
Why eat with one’s hands? Does eating with one’s hands make it a primitive act? Changes one is aware of when eating with hands? Discomfort or ease when doing so?

Napkins with quotes and memes by Queers.
Us sharing the recipe and the guests sharing their experiences, both put on the website.

Will the impact last beyond your project?

We certainly hope the impact of our project will last, but it is hard to predict. If we have a chance to try the project out and create a guideline sheet/ methodology, repetition then becomes a given. And in turn becomes necessary because of the clarity of how to execute the project.

If efforts to see the project is repeated, it then is a demonstration of Care that actually works. Where care becomes a cyclic process, it can be passed on, beyond our personal time here. Each meal feeding the other, where we learn from mistakes and implement the solutions in the next session. Thus, becoming stronger every time it occurs. 

We hope to affect everyone involved with a brighter mood, a feeling of being heard and seen and a filled stomach.

Provide a timeline for the project

Stage 1

Create and set up website. Buy domain and hosting
Select quotes, buy napkin fabric, design and print napkins
Budget the exact costs of groceries for the evening. 
Budget/ find sponsors for plates and glasses. (Make an inventory)
Design and print posters for digital and printed advertisement for the evening
Spread the word!

Stage 2

Make an inventory of what kind of food products we need.
Go grocery shopping (day of event)

Stage 3

Preparing food and space
Have the first Vegan Lesbian Curry event on November 11th at the Willem Sandberg Space on the 3rd floor of the BC building.

If we receive the funding we would like to go ahead and have a curry evening on monday the 11th of November, and henceforth, on the 9th of december. (It would be ideal to have it every second monday of every month).

Provide a breakdown of the budget

€ 80 Napkin printing
€ 250 food and beverages (for 2 events)
€ 14,52 website domain
€150 host/maintenance/webdesign