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Here is a tiny f.a.q.

Vegan Lesbian Curry, a queer sequence of words which we want to “de-exotify”.


Vegan food is inclusive food.


We want to reclaim the word lesbian from its patriarchal and stereotyped connotations.

Example explanation sentence : An old spinster lesbian aunt living in seclusion on her organic waterponic farm just outside of Portland, Oregon with her 300 cats. 


A delicious warm preparation of vegetables and spices, usually served with rice.

Somebody who feels a lack a of community. Sometimes you’ve had a good or bad day and just want to share with somebody. This is for you babe. 

Covid-19 regulations prevent us from doing an event like this within the school grounds. But please hit us up if you would like to make VLC possible elsewhere.

Sure! We welcome everyone that is not an alt right sympathizer or an asshole.

Yes this event is for you!

No. We got funding from the student council.

We would like to think of VLC as a starting place for a Queer Union. However at this moment we are not in the position to start such a union, but we very much want to support and endorse it.

We’ll make a spotify playlist for each event and share it together with the recipes of each event. If you have any music request please send us an e-mail.