VLC 1 – Rode Rajma Bonanza


Rajma:  Rājmā or Rāzmā is a popular vegetarian dish, originating from the Indian subcontinent, consisting of red kidney beans in a thick gravy with many Indian whole spices and is usually served with rice.


MAIN: Curry

*10 cans of Aduki beans/ kidney beans

*5 pieces of Ginger

*4 pieces of Garlic

*1 kilo of Red/ white Onions (wtv is cheaper) 

*1.5 kilos of Tomatoes

*5 Chilli’s

*2 bunches of Coriander

Cumin powder

Cumin seeds

Coriander powder

*Olive/coconut Oil

*1 package of Creamed coconut

*2 kgs of Carrot (Chopped fine)

*2 kgs Sperzie Bonen (frozen) (dirk)


SIDE: Rice 

*2 kg of white basmati rice









Prepare the ginger garlic paste by peeling the ginger and garlic ( I would say for 2 people, cut up a piece of ginger and a bulb and a half of garlic.), chopping them into chunks and putting them in a food processor ubtil smooth. 



*Throw in a generous pouring of olive oil to coat the bottom of the pan, wait for it to heat up, after around 1-2 minutes, 

*Add in the onions, sautee them until they start to turn brown, (don’t forget to stir them around so it doesn’t stick to the bottom).

*Cumin seeds

*Add in the ginger garlic paste *

*Throw in the chilli’s, (as per how spicy you like it ofc). 

Stir, stir stir, 

*Add in the coriander powder,

*Chopped carrots

Stir them in with the spices and onions and all that goodness

*Coconut cream

*Let the beans loose

Stir stir stir, drink a swig of wine, stir, stir, stir

*Sperzie Bonen

Lid on, cook and simmer.

Garnish with coriander leaves.


Cook some rice, bro.